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Tips for Tiling the Walls of Your Home
construction work laying tile on the wall close up

When it comes to the walls of our homes, tiles have been used as a durable, aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior surface for thousands of years. In hot and cold climates, from Asia and Africa to Europe and the Americas, tiles have been used all over the world to great success.

Using tiles for the exterior of a home is common, but it is important that the job is done right. With a properly prepared surface, quality mortar, and solid, high density tiles, your tile surface is likely to outlive you. However, improperly installed tiles could be ...

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Tips For Removing Stubborn Wallpaper
vintage lamp in rococ interior

Wallpaper removal isn’t an easy job. It can be tedious, time consuming, and a generally messy undertaking - especially if it has been there for a long time. It isn’t impossible, and there are lots of tips and tricks to make the job as simple as possible. But first, what if we could avoid removing it at all?

Don’t remove the wallpaper

If the old wallpaper is in poor shape - peeling, flaking, or bubbled in many places - this might not be a great idea, as it won’t be a steady surface for your fresh coat ...

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What is the Best Way to Paint a Ceiling?
white paint roller

For many of us, painting is an easy, home project you can tackle independently, without requiring a professional painting service. With the right tools and equipment, it is a great way to take on your desire for a weekend DIY project, and for most people yields a beautiful outcome. But what about when it comes to painting your ceiling? Being harder to reach, often a different color, and sometimes intricately designed, it requires a little more finesse and planning before you take it on. Use the solutions to these common questions to help you learn how to paint your ceiling ...

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What Color Paint Looks Great with Red Brick Walls?
painted brick wall with paintings

Interior decorating preferences change constantly with the times. With the many shows now on TV, home owners can find inspiration everywhere for their newest remodel. One common theme lately is the look of red brick in a home. If you have a brick accent wall in your home, you may be looking for a way to best enhance this wall with the rest of your home. Paint colors in the home become especially important in these instances.

Depending on your unique personality, as well as the overall feel in your home there are many possible options. There ...

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Using Wallpaper Removal Solvents: Painting Contractors Share 7 Pieces of Must-Have Advice
wallpaper pattern with decoration lights

Are you planning a room makeover this summer? Adding a new coat of paint or wallpaper pattern is one of the easiest ways to transform any space. If you’re wondering how to remove wallpaper from drywall, your priority is likely how to get it done without causing damage to your walls. The secret lies in the wallpaper removal solvent that you use. We’ve given you some of our best tips.

1. Try Removing Wallpaper with Vinegar

If you’re looking for an affordable or all-natural solution, we suggest removing wallpaper using vinegar. Mix ...

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How to Prevent and Fix Paint Roller Marks After Drying: Five Tips for Beginners
paint roller marks

There is no shortage of devices made to help DIYers with their painting projects. And despite the abundance of them, the tried and true roller is still the most popular method to apply paint to surfaces. But have you ever noticed that after the paint has dried, you see roller marks? If you’re looking for solutions to fix this problem, you’ve come to the right place.

Top questions from homeowners about roller marks after painting

The project is going great and you’re covering a lot of surface with your paint of choice, but suddenly you notice ...

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4 Things You Can Do Yourself to Prepare Your Home for Spring
home spring renovation

The signs of spring are upon us. The weather is warmer, the birds are back, and people are flocking to home improvement stores. There’s just something about being cooped up all winter inside that makes you want to clean and repair your home. Our tips will help you do proper spring home maintenance yourself.

1. Assess Your Home’s Exterior

Snow, wind, and ice take a toll on homes each year. If you had a hail storm or heavy snow, dust off your ladder and climb up to get a good look at your roof. HouseLogic recommends looking ...

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Renovation Resolutions for Your Home
home renovation remodeling

If one of your real estate resolutions for the new year includes freshening up your home, you might want to begin with research on which projects will give you the most return on your renovation investment, which tasks you can easily tackle on your own, and which should probably be left to the pros. Read on to learn more.

DIY Projects

Unless you’ve made a hobby of home improvement, one of your main reasons for working on DIY projects is probably saving money. And there are plenty of projects you can complete from start to finish for less than $100. Here are ...

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Top 5 Small Kitchen Paint Colors for 2018 (with photos)
kitchen colors pantone

From painting your kitchen cabinets to selecting new kitchen wall paint, 2018 may be your time to look into different kitchen remodeling and design ideas to spruce up that drab old kitchen. Instead of choosing something boring like painting your kitchen cabinets white, take a look at some of the other paint colors that will be in style this year.

1. Color of the Year

It would be an injustice to the design world if the first color on the list was not the color of the year, so first up is ...

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How Often Should You Repaint the Exterior of Your Home?
house painting tips

Getting the perfect look for your home isn’t always easy. After investing in a quality exterior paint, it’s hard to imagine repainting in just a few years. While a high-quality paint can last a long time, those wanting a lot of curb appeal are going to have to repaint every five years on average. Here are just a few reasons why you would need to repaint your exterior.

Home Design Trends Change

It’s no secret that the things that were popular a decade ago aren’t trending today. The same thing is true for exterior design. Paint colors and styles go out ...

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House​ ​Painting​ ​Tips​ ​from​ ​Professional​ ​Painters
house painting tips

The average person doesn’t understand that home renovation projects like drywall repair, power washing, replacing the epoxy coating on flooring, wall paper removal or installation, or the addition of faux and decorative finishes require the trained, qualified hand of a specialist. When you have a new idea of your home, finding licensed, skilled professional painters is the best option before embarking on a home improvement project, but if you are can’t seem to find an experienced authority on painting, here are some helpful house painting tips from licensed painters:

Spend Time Considering all the Styling Elements to your Project

Before ...

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Get in the Know Before Painting Your Home
house interior and exterior painting tips

Thinking about taking on big home projects, like painting interior walls, can conjure up an overwhelming sense of panic; but don’t let that deter you from starting. In fact, turn that energy into creativity for a home design you love. To make this feasible, get organized by knowing; know how to prep for painting your home, know what décor ideas you have to choose from, and know your mediums.

Know How to Prepare for Painting Your Home

Chefs use the term “mise en place,” or, “everything in its place,” to explain their preparedness for cooking. This means that they have everything, ...

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Get Inspired With These Exterior Home Paint Ideas
exterior home paint ideas

Exterior home design ideas are one of the biggest elements of your house’s curb appeal. There are many color schemes that people are using more often to really bring some life into their outdoor space. The first step in planning for your dream exterior design is looking at popular color combinations and learning about how to decide which is best for you.

Advice for Picking the Perfect Hues

Before you dive into the paint chip samples and color cards, there are a few pieces of advice that can help to guide and simplify your decision:

  • If your home ...

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