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Choosing the Right Painting Contractor

A client is discussing a painting project with a contractor.

If you’re planning on hiring a contractor to paint your home, you’re probably wondering how to make sure that the one you hire does a thorough job that lasts for the years to come. We would like to share the knowledge we have gathered during our years in the painting business and help you choose the right painting contractor for your project.

Tips on How to Find a Painting Contractor

Hiring a professional to paint your home is no easy task. The right painting contractor can help you completely transform your home into the beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of ...

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How to Fix Paint Roller Marks After Drying? 5 Tips for Beginners

paint roller marks

A few mistakes are bound to happen for beginners who are trying to paint. Whether you’re trying to fix a bad paint job on a wall that you didn’t do yourself, or trying to get rid of roller marks on the wall that you created yourself, it is possible to undo the damage.

1) Sanding

Roller marks can be caused by the build-up of excess paint on the edge of where the roller was used. This build-up can be easily sanded down without repainting. The sanding will have to be done by hand to keep the paint from being damaged and small ...

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Increasing the Curb Appeal: Creative Paint Colors for your Front Door

Beautiful curb appeal of a house with white colored exterior walls, black iron fence, lamps, door knobs, and a yellow front door.

The door is one of the first things people see when they visit you, so why not customize the first impression they get before they even enter your home? By painting your front door a memorable color, you can charm your guests before they even see you - or make yourself and your family feel more at home.

The best way to find the color that will look great on your front door is to remember someone’s entrance that really stood out. Perhaps a bright turquoise door made you feel calm and cheerful about meeting the parents ...

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Top 5 Small Kitchen Paint Colors for 2018 (with photos)

kitchen colors pantone

From painting your kitchen cabinets to selecting new kitchen wall paint, 2018 may be your time to look into different kitchen remodeling and design ideas to spruce up that drab old kitchen. Instead of choosing something boring like painting your kitchen cabinets white, take a look at some of the other paint colors that will be in style this year.

1. Color of the Year

It would be an injustice to the design world if the first color on the list was not the color of the year, so first up is ...

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