How to Fix Paint Roller Marks After Drying? 5 Tips for Beginners

paint roller marks

A few mistakes are bound to happen for beginners who are trying to paint. Whether you’re trying to fix a bad paint job on a wall that you didn’t do yourself, or trying to get rid of roller marks on the wall that you created yourself, it is possible to undo the damage.

1) Sanding

Roller marks can be caused by the build-up of excess paint on the edge of where the roller was used. This build-up can be easily sanded down without repainting. The sanding will have to be done by hand to keep the paint from being damaged and small touch-ups might be needed, but sanding down the paint can remove any evidence of unnecessary roller marks.

2) Touch up with a brush

A second coat of paint can get rid of streaks left by rollers. Once the coat that was done by the roller is already dry, take a brush and go over the streaky areas to make the paint job look more seamless. Waiting for the paint done by the roller to dry also make sure that no more marks caused by excess paint sliding are left on the wall.

3) Don’t fight gravity

One of the worst places for roller marks is the ceiling. Any excess paint on the roller ends up giving way to gravity and has a hard time sticking to the surface. The easiest way to avoid roller marks on the ceiling is to only use a small amount of paint.

To avoid roller marks when painting a ceiling, only a little bit of paint should be used as the wet layer will be lighter and make it easier for the paint to dry without access build up collecting and dripping down. If this first thin layer does not cover the ceiling enough, wait for it to dry before applying a second thin coat. Do this as needed, and streaks and ridges caused by rollers will not be a problem.

4) Stick to one direction

By sticking to one painting direction with the roller you avoid marks and can fix old roller marks when painting. No matter what type of paint you use, whether matte or eggshell, the light will end up catching roller marks if the direction is inconsistent. Sticking to one direction makes roller marks less likely as any excess paint will be picked up by the roller on a second or third pass, especially if you keep the pressure used consistent over the whole wall.

5) Avoid them altogether

Hire an expert. The best way to avoid roller marks when painting is to hire an expert and make sure the job is done well once. They know how to avoid roller marks when painting and can fix any that might have been caused by previous painters. Experts can get it done properly the first time, save money on future repairs, and save time by not having to do over your DIY.

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