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The Pro Painters team has been refreshing properties in Chicago and the surrounding area for over 15 years. Our experience has shaped our company into what it is now - a team of skilled specialists who are consistent, reliable, and flexible in accommodating the needs of our clients. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial painting services that refresh your property and create the look that you always wanted.

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Pro Painters Guarantee that all of their specialists are qualified to paint your property Pro Painters guarantee that their estimates are without any hidden fees.

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It all begins when you send us a request for a free on-site consultation. Once we arrive to the premises, we discuss your budget, preferences, and project in detail, listen to any special requests you may have. Because we believe that effective planning is crucial to the success of any project, we always listen to your needs before jumping to any suggestions, and only after we know exactly what you want do we give you the plan on how we are going to achieve the goals you set for us and the estimated time of completion of your project. Our estimates are free and without any further obligations on your part.

One important thing to remember about our team - while our timetables are adjusted around your schedule, we only make promises that we can keep. So if we say we’re going to start painting your building at 7 AM Monday morning, expect us to be 15 minutes early, preparing our paint rollers for work.

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