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Get in the Know Before Painting Your Home

house interior and exterior painting tips

Thinking about taking on big home projects, like painting interior walls, can conjure up an overwhelming sense of panic; but don’t let that deter you from starting. In fact, turn that energy into creativity for a home design you love. To make this feasible, get organized by knowing; know how to prep for painting your home, know what décor ideas you have to choose from, and know your mediums.

Know How to Prepare for Painting Your Home

Chefs use the term “mise en place,” or, “everything in its place,” to explain their preparedness for cooking. This means that they have everything, ...

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Grown-up Rules Don’t Apply When Painting a Kid’s Room

A small kid’s room with a bunk bed, green and pink walls, a white window, green and white curtains and lots of toys.

When painting the interior of our homes, we tend to carefully search for a sophisticated color scheme that reflects our personalities. Painting a kid’s room is completely different, though. The process itself is more exciting, and the end result should be an energetic, lively and inspiring room for your little one.

Get creative and have fun

The most inspiring thing about children is that they are limited by their own imagination only - they create without thinking about what goes best with what. And you too might just have to throw your rulebook out the window and get playful when ...

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How to paint your home when you want to sell it

House Painting Services

If you are planning to put your home on the market, painting it is one of the most cost-efficient ways to make it more attractive for buyers. The importance of the first impression your house makes cannot be understated – a buyer may ask about the neighborhood, state of the appliances or house maintenance, but these can’t compare to the feeling a person gets when they enter your home. Knowing how to touch-up and decorate your home can help you make a quick sale at a price that you prefer.

Colors play a key role in attracting potential buyers

Picking the ...

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Interior Painting: How to Prepare your Walls for Paint

A wall with cracked white paint.

Summer is the time when most homeowners take on renovation projects. From painting their doors and refinishing moldings, to kitchen cabinet repainting and complete exterior makeovers, we know you are excited to refresh your home. Are you taking on an interior painting project this summer? We are ready to share our wisdom on how to best prepare your walls for paint.

Preparation is key to a beautiful finish

While applying the actual color to the walls is what makes a difference, painting is only the final step of a process that makes an interior painting ...

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Painting Your Home Before the Holidays

A fresh interior decorated for the holidays with a turkey served on the dining table.

With the big holidays approaching, we know you want your home to look its best for when your family and friends visit you to celebrate. Even though you will need to act rather quickly, there is still time to paint your home before you decorate for the holidays.

Tips for your Pre-Holiday Painting Project

Take a close look at your home. Start with your hallway, where your guests get the first impression of your home. Does it look welcoming, or could it use a fresh coat of paint? Carefully inspect your dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom and powder rooms ...

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What are VOCs and what can you do about them?

A power plant emitting VOCs into the air during production.

Since most people spend a great part of their lives indoors, the interest and concern in indoor air quality are on the rise. Our team at Pro Painters specializes in interior painting that creates spaces that are not only beautiful but safe to breathe in by using paint that is low or zero VOC.

If this is the hundredth and first time you’re hearing the term “VOCs” but aren’t quite sure what it means, this article should provide the knowledge you need to grasp the concept.

So what are VOCs?

VOCs is an abbreviation for Volatile Organic Compounds. ...

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