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How to Prevent and Fix Paint Roller Marks After Drying: Five Tips for Beginners

paint roller marks

There is no shortage of devices made to help DIYers with their painting projects. And despite the abundance of them, the tried and true roller is still the most popular method to apply paint to surfaces. But have you ever noticed that after the paint has dried, you see roller marks? If you’re looking for solutions to fix this problem, you’ve come to the right place.

Top questions from homeowners about roller marks after painting

The project is going great and you’re covering a lot of surface with your paint of choice, but suddenly you notice ...

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What is the Best Way to Paint a Ceiling?

white paint roller

For many of us, painting is an easy, home project you can tackle independently, without requiring a professional painting service. With the right tools and equipment, it is a great way to take on your desire for a weekend DIY project, and for most people yields a beautiful outcome. But what about when it comes to painting your ceiling? Being harder to reach, often a different color, and sometimes intricately designed, it requires a little more finesse and planning before you take it on. Use the solutions to these common questions to help you learn how to paint your ceiling ...

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