What is the Best Way to Paint a Ceiling?

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For many of us, painting is an easy, home project you can tackle independently, without requiring a professional painting service. With the right tools and equipment, it is a great way to take on your desire for a weekend DIY project, and for most people yields a beautiful outcome. But what about when it comes to painting your ceiling? Being harder to reach, often a different color, and sometimes intricately designed, it requires a little more finesse and planning before you take it on. Use the solutions to these common questions to help you learn how to paint your ceiling like a pro:

How do I prepare my ceiling for painting?

Just like you have to do some work ahead of time in preparing your walls for painting, the same thing applies to your ceiling. Before you begin, take some time clean the ceiling, removing any dirt and then sand it down, making sure it is level. This is also a good time to address any issues of leaking ceilings or paint that has chipped off, as you may need to do some extra work when it comes to how to prepare your peeling ceiling for painting.

What brushes and paint should I use?

Now that your ceiling is ready, it is time to go shopping and purchase your equipment. A roller, with a tray is going to be your main tool, and with practice, you will become efficient at using it, and learn how to paint a ceiling without roller marks. For the corners, where the ceiling meets the wall, you will likely want to purchase an angled brush, that will allow you to successfully cut in without getting paint on the wall. When it comes to purchasing paint, typically a flat or matte acrylic paint is recommended, and don’t forget drop cloths to lay on the floor underneath.

Should I paint the walls or ceiling first?

If you are repainting the whole room, and not just the ceiling, you may be wondering what to tackle first: walls or ceiling. Most professional painters recommend that you paint the ceiling first, and then using the same roller. You will be able to quickly pick up how to paint a wall with a roller evenly and complete the rest of the room.

What is the best way to paint a high ceiling?

And if you have high ceilings or are trying to learn the best way for how to paint a large ceiling, you can rest assured, that with a few extra considerations, you can do this part yourself as well! Supposing your ceiling isn’t high enough that you need an electric lift, and you have an even floor surface, you can simply use a ladder that will allow you to reach the desired height and complete the job. Just be sure to take proper safety precautions while doing so.

Whether you are tackling just the ceiling or taking on the whole room, painting might be a challenge at first, but it is certainly something you can take on yourself. If you need help, or have further questions, you can always reach out to a professional. In the meantime, pick your colors and get rolling!

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