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Exterior Painting: 7 Tips to Help you Select the Right Colors for Exterior Painting
Two paint brushes stained with different color paint. The two inch brush on the left is stained with black paint, and the one inch brush is stained with red paint.

The exterior of your home makes the first impression, a statement and, when maintained correctly, can enhance curb appeal and even improve resale value. A creative color choice and a fresh coat of paint can help you make that great first impression and wow anyone who passes by. Besides, when your house doesn’t need any structural improvements, exterior painting is the most cost-efficient way to revamp its appearance. If you’re thinking about refreshing the exterior of your home, one of the most important things you need to know is how to choose the right colors - they can ...

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6 Signs It’s Time for Exterior Painting
A wall with cracked and peeling paint indicates that it’s time for exterior painting.

Exterior painting isn’t just about the aesthetic benefits - a fresh coat of paint and stain protects your home from the harmful weather effects, extensive exposure to UV radiation and prevents mold growth as well as rotting. And while most homes only need to be repainted every few years, if you’re wondering whether it’s time to contact your local exterior painters, our list of 6 signs that show it’s time for exterior painting should help you make the decision.

When to consider repainting your home

With less than a month left until spring, it’s time to take a look ...

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Increasing the Curb Appeal: Transform your Property into the “It-House” of your Neighbourhood
Beautiful curb appeal of a house with seashell colored exterior walls, white windows and trim around the black door and a black iron fence.

Remember that beautiful house that immediately captured your attention as you were driving by? There can be many reasons why you couldn’t help looking at it, and not all of them are easy to pinpoint. Sometimes it’s the nice blending of the coloring of the house. Sometimes it’s the creative, rich landscaping that adds to the architecture of the house. And other times it’s the clever details that grab the attention. All of these features is what we usually call the “curb appeal” and the good news is that there are simple, easy ways that can help you increase ...

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Grown-up Rules Don’t Apply When Painting a Kid’s Room
A small kid’s room with a bunk bed, green and pink walls, a white window, green and white curtains and lots of toys.

When painting the interior of our homes, we tend to carefully search for a sophisticated color scheme that reflects our personalities. Painting a kid’s room is completely different, though. The process itself is more exciting, and the end result should be an energetic, lively and inspiring room for your little one.

Get creative and have fun

The most inspiring thing about children is that they are limited by their own imagination only - they create without thinking about what goes best with what. And you too might just have to throw your rulebook out the window and get playful when ...

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Painting Your Home Before the Holidays
A fresh interior decorated for the holidays with a turkey served on the dining table.

With the big holidays approaching, we know you want your home to look its best for when your family and friends visit you to celebrate. Even though you will need to act rather quickly, there is still time to paint your home before you decorate for the holidays.

Tips for your Pre-Holiday Painting Project

Take a close look at your home. Start with your hallway, where your guests get the first impression of your home. Does it look welcoming, or could it use a fresh coat of paint? Carefully inspect your dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom and powder rooms ...

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How Colors Affect Our Moods and Why You Shouldn’t Paint Your Living Room Yellow
A paint color sample catalog.

There is no debate that color preference is a very personal matter, especially when choosing what colors you want to see when you come back home. However, some colors can have a great impact on the overall mood of a home. In this article we want to share our knowledge about color and help you in your search of the perfect paint color.

Choosing the right colors for your interior

Painting your interior, as many experts believe, is much more than just picking up the first bucket of paint that looks appealing and applying it to your walls. Color consultants ...

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Choosing the Right Painting Contractor
A client is discussing a painting project with a contractor.

If you’re planning on hiring a contractor to paint your home, you’re probably wondering how to make sure that the one you hire does a thorough job that lasts for the years to come. We would like to share the knowledge we have gathered during our years in the painting business and help you choose the right painting contractor for your project.

Tips on How to Find a Painting Contractor

Hiring a professional to paint your home is no easy task. The right painting contractor can help you completely transform your home into the beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of ...

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