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Elizabeth Jones
“I couldn’t believe it was the same old kitchen I was so used to.”
Kitchen cabinets and walls repaint
When I asked my friend if she knew anyone who could repaint my kitchen, she immediately recommended Pro Painters. Given that her recently painted house looked great, I decided to give them a call. When one of their men came over to my house to do an estimate, I was worried they might be out of my price range - he seemed so professional and knowledgeable. After I explained my situation, he offered me an estimate that fit my budget exactly, and so I decided to hire them. The painters were very polite and they even cleaned up at the end of each day. When they completed the job, I couldn’t believe that it was the same old kitchen I was so used to. And the final bill was exactly what the estimate said. Thank you for my beautiful kitchen!
John Mason
“One of the quickest renovations I’ve had in years”
Exterior repaint
Friendly, knowledgeable and professional painters. I hired Pro Painters to repaint my new house and they did an excellent job. Not to mention that this was one of the quickest renovations I’ve had in years. At first I didn’t believe that the whole exterior could be repainted in just a few days, but they did it! I loved that they prepared for the repaint very carefully and were very easy to work with. Definitely recommend!
Michael Nelson
“Pro Painters are definitely my favorite painting contractors”
Living room and bedroom repaint
Pro Painters are definitely my favorite painting contractors. They listened to our needs and helped me and my wife pick the colors for our living room and bedroom that we wanted to redo. My wife was worried there would be paint stains on our new floor after the renovation, and she was pleasantly surprised when all she found were beautifully and carefully painted walls. This was the smoothest, most efficient renovation I’ve ever seen. We will definitely hire Pro Painters again when we need something else painted in our home. Keep up the good work!
Ralph Miller
“Working with Pro Painters was a pleasure”
Deck restoration, power washing and sealing
We hired Pro Painters after having interviewed a few contractors about our deck renovation. These guys seemed confident and eager to start the project whenever we were ready, so we decided to hire them. They power washed our deck, fixed the few loose floor boards and sealed it properly in just two days. What impressed me the most was how flexible they are. One morning I had to call and cancel the appointment, they were very understanding and agreed to reschedule. Working with Pro Painters was a pleasure and I definitely recommend them for any kind of renovation project.
Lily Robinson
“These painters made me fall in love with my home once again”
Interior repaint
The guys from Pro Painters are real pros. They gave me great advice on what colors to pick for my master bedroom and painted the whole interior of my house with care. The quality of the paint job is top notch and the renovation experience itself was great. These painters made me fall in love with my home once again and they’ll definitely be hearing from me when I have a new renovation project in mind. Thank you!!!
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